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Springtime Home Maintenance

Springtime is that special time of year where we celebrate change. The sprouting of flowers, the return of leaves on trees, the awaited arrival of that fresh burst of colour long forgotten. But some things never change, and that includes having to look after your home.

Maintaining the exterior of your home is a year-round job, and new seasons bring new problems. Here, Abbey Roofing gives its top tips to make sure those springtime blues keep well away from you and your home.


Check those gutters!

metal roofing

A common tip that should never be ignored. Spring is a great time to start the annual gutter check. Gunk or debris might have built up over autumn and winter, and a single spring downpour could be the final straw. A backlog of dried leaves and other miscellaneous debris will cause water to back up under the eaves, potentially causing damage to the interior of your home. Check for clogs and clear them manually. Make a point of checking the structural integrity of your gutters too, to ensure that they’re not in danger of splitting, collapsing or detaching entirely.

Be sure to check the downspout for clogs and double check that water isn’t draining too close to the foundations. Water should be channeled at least five feet from the walls.


Inspect the chimney

inspect chimney

Examining the exterior of the chimney should reveal any signs of structural damage. Loose stones or bricks should be repaired immediately and be sure to check for any vegetation sprouting through cracks – that’s a tell-tale sign of water damage. You should also check for white residue on the chimney. That is called efflorescence, and is a sign that water is seeping into and through the masonry. This could cause severe damage and needs to be rectified – your chimney will need to be re-sealed to prevent future water infiltration.


Examine concrete

Inspect concrete slabs for cracks, separation and movement. Fill in any cracks you see and ensure that water is running off any slabs properly – insufficient drainage will lead to water damage. Concrete foundations for basements may be especially prone to damp, so inspect thoroughly.


Keep an eye out for signs of damage

If you’re comfortable with heights – and have stable footing – you can use a ladder to inspect your roof up close. If you’d rather not, you can use a pair of binoculars to examine things from the ground. You’ll want to be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear, loose slabs and general signs of damage. Run your eye over the flashing and trim to see if any part has come loose, scan for cracks on slabs and the base of your chimney, and try to spot any debris which might be scattered over the roof. Maybe something has fallen and caused some structural damage, or potentially created a blockage.


Watch out for signs of damp

Water damage can be extremely troublesome, causing knock-on effects to your entire home – inside and out. Assess the eave overhangs for potential water stains, and check the interior walls too, to make sure water hasn’t infiltrated inside. Any sign of roof leakage needs to be taken care of immediately and professionally – the problem will only get worse the longer you leave it, and could easily recur if not properly treated.


Repair any damaged wood

Wooden trims around windows should be properly examined for signs of rot. Scrape away chipped or peeling paint and be doubly sure to spot any exposed surfaces. These will be especially prone to rotting, so apply a coat of primer before re-painting.

Abbey Roofing provides professional roofing services to help repair and protect your home from significant harm. If your roof has suffered serious structural damage or is prone to leaks, our efficient emergency roofing services can help rectify your problem with trustworthy, safe and immediate expertise. Get in touch today to find out more.

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