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New Build: Should I Choose A Flat or Pitched Roof?

Whether you’re building an entirely new property or are adding an extension to an existing building, choosing the roofing will be a crucial decision that can affect your building’s functioning, appearance and cost, so it is certainly a consideration that should be carefully thought through.

Flat roofs and pitched roofs hold different qualities that may be better suited to your property, so to help you get to grips with your options, we’re looking at the two varieties and weighing up the pros and cons of adding each to a new build.


If you’re looking for a very long lifespan for your new build, a pitched roof may be the best option. A strong construction process and durable materials mean that pitched roofs are known to be very long lasting, but that’s not to say that a flat roof will fall apart after a few years, either! Advances in the materials used for flat roofing mean that you can expect a lifespan of at least 20 years – much longer with proper maintenance – and you’ll often find that a good contractor will guarantee their flat roofing to last that long, so you don’t have to worry about having to fork out for repairs or replacements if you do opt for a flat roof.  

pitched roof


If you’re working on a tight budget, or simply want to spare yourself unnecessary expense, a flat roof will undoubtedly be the best bet for your construction. Pitched roofing requires more materials and more man hours than a flat roof, so it comes as no surprise that a pitched roof can come in at a much higher price than its flat counterpart.


If you’re looking to increase the space within your new build, a pitched roof is the answer. The slopes of a pitched roof are constructed in such a way that there is plenty of space within the loft for storage or even an extra room.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re working with a small space or your new build is an extension on your current property, a flat roof is very space saving, with the compact design being the perfect way to finish smaller builds such as porches, garages or dormers.


Whether it’s an entire new building or an extension to your property, constructions are notorious for overrunning and being finished much later than initially anticipated. If you’re eager to get your project completed by its due date, a flat roof is the best option for you. Because of the simpler design and the need for fewer materials, a flat roof can be constructed much quicker than a pitched roof, often just taking one or two days to complete.

flat roofing


Aesthetics comes down to personal preference, and is not something we can adequately measure on your behalf. Flat roofing is innocuous, available in many different materials and is a good match for any construction, but does not make a statement or add much aesthetically, like a pitched roof can. A pitched roof can add an extra visual element to a new build that can give it grandeur, especially with so many attractive tile designs to choose from. However, a sloped roof can look out of place on smaller builds and extensions, so be sure to think about your preferred look carefully before you make any firm decisions.


With all the extra materials that come with a pitched roof, it comes as no surprise that a pitched roof is much heavier than a flat roof. What may surprise you, however, is the impact this can have on your new build. A pitched roof could place unnecessary burden on your building’s foundations and may result in the footings of your build being pushed too deep into the ground. For that reason, if you opt for a flat roof, bear in mind that it will be more difficult to replace your flat roof with a pitched variety at a later date, as it is likely to place too much weight on the existing foundations, so we’d advise you talk this over with your construction crew before you make any commitments.

The result

Hopefully while reading through our guide to choosing roofing, one roof has appealed more than the other, but if you are still unsure which is the right choice for your construction, get in contact with a professional roofing service to discuss your options in more detail.

For expert and professional roofing services in the areas of Hemel Hempstead, Watford, St. Albans, Hertfordshire and North London, look no further than Abbey Roofing. We are a leading contractor to the local area and have built up an esteemed reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company. We’re well experienced in all aspects of roofing, so whether you opt for a flat roof or a pitched roof, we’ll be able to offer you a quick service, highly trained contractors and high quality products. Get in touch today to find out more.

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