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Case Studies providing brilliant solutions for a range of properties

Case studies



Case Studies

We are immensely proud of the work we’ve done here at Abbey Roofing, providing brilliant solutions for a range of properties. Below you can view some examples of our previous projects.

Roof Re-Structure - Roman Catholic Church of St Gabriel, Archway

New flat roof for church flat roof installation in Archway, London torch on flat roofing church re-roofing commercial flat roofing service

Abbey Roofing worked with Archway Roman Catholic Church to upgrade the roofing structure and install quality insulation. The roof of the building was very old and starting to fail, so the Diocese of Westminster instructed Abbey Roofing as one of its approved contractors to carry out the work.

When looking to upgrade the roofing system, we opted for a ICOPAL roofing system due to the high performance of the roofs, especially in terms of weather resistance. We wanted to ensure a great roof that was going to last for many years to come for the church, and a ICOPAL system fit the bill with its 20-year, FSA-approved insured guarantees. This means that the church never has to worry about the costs of upkeep for their roof in the next two decades, as if anything were to go wrong, the work would be covered, offering peace of mind and financial security to the church.

When we set about upgrading the roof of the church, we took a look at how well insulated the property was. The church did not have sufficient insulation, which resulted in a hot, stuffy environment during summer and a very cold space in the winter. As specified by building regulations - which we always follow stringently - the insulation was deemed unacceptable and in need of replacement. We did so gladly, and the church now benefits from a comfortable temperature for clergy members and patrons year-round.

Re-Roof - MOD: RAF Halton

re-roofing in Aylesbury roof tiling case study pitched roofing by Abbey Roofing

Abbey Roofing were selected to re-roof 26 lodger units that housed Royal Air Force recruits undergoing training. To do this successfully, we needed to remove all of the chimneys and install new uPVC fascias and soffits. When carrying out this work, we had to ensure that we worked quickly, efficiently and safely as all of the houses were occupied at the time.

We used Redland Specmaster systems for this project, so we worked very closely with the Redland Technological Department to ensure that the design and specification was correct at every step of the way. We decided on Redland Renown tiles for their excellent weather resistance, with the tiles capable of withstanding very heavy rains and wind. Another factor that swayed us towards Redland Renown was their unobtrusive design. RAF Halton pride themselves on trying to live alongside the local communities cohesively, so a subtle tile choice aided this. The tiles were fixed with Dry Hip fittings, again to provide even more wind-resistance and to offer a very low maintenance roof; we felt it important to make sure the roof would be exceptionally long-lasting and maintenance free so that the military personnel could focus their attentions on other, more pressing matters.

This project was not without its problems; while working on the roofs, local wildlife including bats and glis glis were taking sanctuary inside the roofs, meaning that we had to work closely with an ecologist to ensure that we could finish our project on time, without harming these animals.

Domestic Re-Roof - Harpenden

residential roof tiling in Harpenden Re-roofing in Harpenden pitched roof services by Abbey Roofing

This project was a house in Harpenden and the client wanted to restore it to its original look and feel. We used clay Rosemary tiles, a heather blend mix working along side the window fitters, restoring the sash windows. A mix of vertical tiling and lead work ensured the original look was regained also the garage was restored to the same spec.

Domestic New Build - Berkhamsted

solar roofing system in Berkhamsted new pitched roof installation roof installation by Abbey Roofing

This case study involved a total air passive eco house which also had solar panels incorporated into the tiles as seen in the photos. The roofing tiles used were sandtoft casius clay and an english heritage clay tile for the verticle sections. We used lead for the hips and ridges to the property for more character, this house is also super insulated and the roof was constructed using sips panels

Trusted to work with local companies as well as corporate work

roofing work for bmw ministry of defence wates hertfordshire county council Dacorum borough council lloyds bank nhs osborne watford council westminster network rail bam quinn bmw roofing services for ministry of defence wates hertfordshire county council Dacorum borough council lloyds bank nhs osborne watford council westminster network rail bam quinn

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